Ok, explain it to me again please.

There are a lot of folks out there who are either asking questions or are asked the question:

“Can you explain a bit of the digital photography world to me? And please, start from the simplest explanation.”

We’ve checked out a lot of DVD’s, pamphlets, cd-roms for the best beginner explanations.
And I mean alot!

The folks that give the simplest and most direct basic primer are the people at JUMPSTART GUIDES.

You may have seen these DVD’s at you camera store, as they are usually given out with the purchase of a camera.

We believe that people should be informed way before they make the purchase call. The manufacturers would be wise to let you check out the camera features in an easy to understand mannerbefore you buy. Yes, there is info available, but it becomes so technical, many people start glazing over.

In 30 mins of watching this DVD you will have a basic working knowledge of digital cameras. No kidding.

Now we said a BASIC knowledge. There is a series they put out that goes into the specifics of many current DSLRs.

The hardest thing for an instructional producer to do is keep up with the latest gear. but they have a Nikon D200 and A Canon 30D DVD. We’ll review those another time.

The production value is simple,the information presented in a straightforward and easy to understand manner.
There are references ( and savings coupons) to specifc products they reccommend. Your call on those items.
We are not here to endorse those products but rather discuss the merits of the DVD.

All of that said, there is good stuff here.

Jumpstart Guides cover:
• Camera features and functions
• White balance
• ISO settings
• Quality settings
• Principles of photography
• Depth of field
• Aperture and shutter priority
• Program modes
• How to get sharp images
and more…

So the next time a friend, relative (ok, maybe you) are looking for the ABC’s, check one of these out.

AND…because we and jumpstartguides believe in sharing the info, they have graciously given us DVD’s to pass onto you totally free. When we bought one to check out it was $19.95. Free is better.

There are 5 GUIDE TO DIGITAL CAMERA DVD’s (w/ $100 in coupons) and 4 GUIDE TO DIGITAL SLR CAMERAS DVD’s (w/ $130 in coupons) They did give us 5 but we had to watch one. Our goal is to taste test stuff for you first.

Sign up to the mailing list, then send us an email letting us know which one you want. And an address to ship to please.
Thats all.

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This week there will more reviews ( some more pro gear), gallery notices, and general news in the world of photography.

Do you know someone who is a great photographer but perhaps makes their money in another way ,that we should profile ? We are open to submissions. Just send a brief descrition of the photographic style and the day job.

A warm welcome to our many new readers from Europe. Let us know about the galleries in your areas so we can spread the word.

Damon Webster

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