Putting your iPad on a pedestal. OK, Maybe just a stage.

If you have one, you love it, no doubt. We’re only on the iPad 1st gen.
We have used this for digital slating of video shoots, reading Photoshop User with hot links, sending invoices, tracking expenses, watching movies on the plane and hotel via streaming Netflix, manage our 4 email accounts, check into the tweetdeck, and of course Facebook.
With the over 60,000 iPad apps, photography gets some solid representation.
Right, it’s a really convenient computer.
And remember: all of your activities can be done while your iPod music plays in the background. Thanks, Steve Jobs.

Sometimes, we do add a bluetooth keyboard, if there is some heavy document things coming.
In a previous post, we mentioned the wi-fi card we always carry and have yet to turn on 3G.
Yeah, we do all of that on the road.
And at the office or home, we are still into the iPad for a lot of the same things.

Here is something that may sound crazy: we hate the headphones at home.
On the plane OK, but in the comfort of the known environs, it’s a no go.

So we searched and discovered this: the Altec Lansing Octiv Stage. It’s a dock for the iPad that holds, charges, and puts some awesome speakers to work.

First you dock. Placing the iPad into the unit, the sides clip in, and the unit is charging. Most iPods docks do this.

Then we can rotate the unit to give us the orientation AND angle we want.
Quite honestly, we sit way too much and like to use his unit on a counter.

When it comes to doing the business part of photography, we may add the bluetooth keyboard, like we said. You can add a bluetooth magic trackpad, or mouse if you like.

Of course, lot’s of folks have discovered that streaming Netflix, and watching Hulu has helped them cut the cord from cable TV and saved a ton of dough.

And here is a side view with iPad in place:

It comes with a remote control also.
Is there a negative in here somewhere?
The iPad must be removed from its case for the 1st Gen. Kind of a pain, but we understand why.
There are some many variations of iPad cases out there that no manufacturer can allow anticipate all. The one we use is the official Apple one so we were disappointed that they didn’t size it for that.

You saw the cord in the photos and yes, it only runs on AC, and the adapter is included, thankfully.

Overall we like it, it lives on a counter and, true, sometimes we drink the morning coffee, reading this like a newspaper.

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