SXSW 2014: First you have to get the gear there!

My favorite way to travel gear is ThinkTank Airport International. Period.

Airport International_08_CMYK-1

On this trip, there was a possible video assignment, so I added an Urban Disguise, with a Canon XF100 video camera already built (mic,light,batt,media cards) and ready to go with a wireless lav set-up in the side pouch, and other misc. goodies.

yes, I may be a bit old school, but find I get great results when shooting video with a…wait for it…video camera!

Think Tank Photo Releases the Redesigned             Urban Disguise® V2.0 Series Shoulder Bags “Carry the Right Gear with Less Fear” SANTA ROSA, CALIF – For photographers operating in urban or dangerous environments, carrying thousands of dollars

Tucked into luggage are various Muji mesh bags with extra cables, and Cocoon platters with battery chargers, back-up readers, power strips. And monopod/tripod.

OK, that gets the gear there. It all  travels on the plane with me. The Airport International has been with me for 4 years and has traveled around the world.

Arrange for early boarding to get that valuable overhead space. Window seats, extra $10. fast track boarding, seats in the rear of the plane, whatever.

Once on location, gear is organized and loaded into a walking/working pack, depending on the time of day, and events occurring.

In the past, an Oakley backpack was the working pack. This trip I committed to a twist and packed daily with great success: The Shape Shifter. It packs into luggage as a 3″ laptop case and expands to 7″ deep when loaded with gear.


Plus it’s carrying my laptop, batts, cables, card wallets, some energy bars, and assignment sheets. Incredibly comfortable.Check out this video.


Probably the major shift this year was having the Nikon D800 with 20mm, always in my hand using the Cotton Carrier Hand Strap – with Arca Swiss-compatible mini-plate.
Yep, always.


This combo Nikon D800 with 20mm 2.8 lens, always in my hand got me photos I never would’ve made. It became that further extension of my hands, with an all day comfort
I even use it with the 70-200mm 2.8, in the pit. The Shape Shifter bag worked fast, and the in and out with lenses, was smooth.

As I walked around the festival,the camera was always ready. Manual, RAW, and custom WB, which I’ll cover in the next post.

In a twist of fate, on Weds. 3/12/14 I had just finished photographing St. Vincent at Stubbs on Red River, in Austin. Moving onto the next spot, The Mohawk, I readjusted my camera settings, and went for some street photographs of the crowds.
The Cotton Carrier kept the camera in my hands.

What I saw next, and what the camera saw, has been kept on the hard drive. A drunk driver, being pursued by police, cut down the blocked off, speeding, as he hit 23 people who were rightfully in the street.

In the last SXSW post, I will show a couple of the images from the tragedy that occurred about 7 ft away from me.
And we can have a discussion.

Adobe Lightroom Launches on iPad – Is it ready for takeoff?

It’s part of the new Holy Grail: How can I work with my images on my faster, stronger, better iPad.

I spent hours at the Apple store trying to figure this out. All the apps, all of the dongles, all of the workarounds to maintain a similar workflow with an iPad were possible but clunky.

Maybe this is the answer. Lightroom Mobile. Part of the $10. a month Creative Cloud.

 Yep, new software included in your monthly fee.

Well, I’ll say that after seeing a demo, this is a 1st gen product, and while on the right path, still will take more iterations to get it to the place we need. But it;s not just the software that has to change; it’s the hardware.

If we can add an external HD to load images on, then it’s a solid working tool. Perhaps when tablets get a large enough hard drive and you can load the files you need, Lightroom Mobile will be ready.

Meanwhile, I may have to get a MacBook air.

and now, for the official word:

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SXSW 2014 – Austin’s Cultural Festival did it again!

A combination of Interactive, Film and Music make the SXSW Festival in Austin the best blend of pop culture events you can attend in a ten day period.

When you arrive they give you 3 muslin bags with designs signifying each portion of the festival and a guidebook for each. Welcome to Austin!


What does all of that mean? Continue Reading »

Nikon announces Mirrorless V3 with 20 FPS

Nikon continues developing its Nikon 1 Series of mirrorless cameras, with the addition of the V3.


Sporting a 12,800 ISO at the top end, 20 frames per second, a new hyper auto-focus, and full 1080/60p HD video functionality, this cold be the only camera your family may need.


The all important wi-fi is now built-in, thankfully, so sharing your life moments will be almost as easy as usin your smart phone.

 One thing you phone doesn’t have: the range of lenses available. Now they have added a sweet 70-300mm to the line up, selling for about $600. This will get you right up front with all of the action on the field, so you won’t miss a moment of your family’s active life.

A pocket rocket to be sure, this may become your lightweight choice whether you are a the family pro, or the pro looking for the pocket option.

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Nikon & Black Rapid enter into a partnership w/ 2 New Straps

pic_140225_03_01It’s not often that Nikon partners up. With the wide acceptance of the Black Rapid strap as the gear of choice for a lot of workers,now you can show your yellow and black colors proudly, while saving your neck and shoulders.
These new designs will fit the Heavier DSLRS as well as a modified version for the lighter weight Nikon 1 series.
As I pack for the next assignment, the BlackRapids are already in the bag.

Specialized quick-draw strap developed in cooperation with BlackRapid, Nikon releases the Quick-Draw Strap and Quick-Draw Strap S


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