Didn’t get that thing you asked for? Like this guy?

The holidays have now come, and although not completely gone, the gifting portion is over..
Still digging through the wrapping paper hoping that thing you wanted may have gotten caught in the fray?
Stiff upper lip. It’s time to fend yourself.

Here are some ideas:
51sE2d1bLEL._SL500_AA300_Have a Sony NEX? This item from Fotodiox Pro, WonderBurst NEX Radio Flash Trigger
works like crazy, and easy on the wallet.

camranger_001 item we’ll be reviewing, and having a blast with: CamRanger – wireless tethering (yes, an Oxymoron) Connect the unit to your camera and control your camera with your iPad. More than that, see all of your images as you shoot on the iPad.

Settle in with a classic like Looking at Photographs

OR you can go through our gift lists and see what you’re needing/missing/desiring.

Gift List #1, Gift List #2, Gift List #3 (the toys), Gift List #4 (the big stuff), Gift List #5 (the software )

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