Nikon Hangout on Facebook: So? What’s the big deal?

Facebook. Heard of it?

OK, as it get’s older, and more useful as well as additive, the photo community has been there since the beginning. Heck, we are happy to have almost 9,000 likes, and growing.

Now some of the destinations ask you to throw up your images and wait for comments, Kinda like putting em’ up in the laundry room bulletin board.

Nikon-Logo-newWell, Nikon though that perhaps there could be some minor structure: assignments given by working pros, real feedback, judging that resulted in badges, as opposed to prizes. Trust us you’ll earn more.
And not to be reaching for low hanging fruit, you’ll be learning more. Shared techniques, gear used,etc.

welcome to My Nikon World. Situated in a place you visit everyday. Go ahead. have a look and wander around.

I just joined and strangely enough, I got sucked right in. Going to start some uploads now.
And they’ve made it so easy to participate. If you accept a challenge, a pop up window comes up, where you can immediately upload from Facebook or your files.

Thousands are there already. care to join?

More from Nikon
In addition to sharing photos and participating in photo challenges, users will also be able to create an online photographer profile and personal gallery where they can track their participation, feature their favorite photos and share their visual victories. The photo gallery on My Nikon World will be able to be sorted and viewed through filters including category, subject matter and Nikon equipment used.

“My Nikon World gives photographers a chance to join a like-minded community of photo enthusiasts to be inspired to get out and shoot, while learning exciting new photo techniques through the pro issued challenges.”

Users who participate in challenges, upload photos and engage with other photos posted by their peers will be rewarded with points and digital badges in a variety of categories. The more a user participates, the higher the level they can attain within the community. With a strong focus on social sharing and engagement, participants will also have the option to include links to their personal social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks so they can interact with photographers both within the community and outside of My Nikon World. Digital badges will be awarded for a vast array of photography techniques and subject matter, from black and white photography to using HDR. Adding to the fun, users will also have the opportunity to unlock surprise badges and other content.

Nikon will continue to issue weekly challenges to the Facebook community. Additionally, notable fashion Photographer Rob Van Petten and documentary photographer/author Steve Simon will offer up “Pro Challenges,” providing members the opportunity to further hone their skills. Van Petten and Simon will also answer questions, give photo tips and share their own images as part of the community.

The My Nikon World interactive Facebook photo experience is now available. To visit the site and become a fan of Nikon, visit the official Nikon Facebook page at

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