A cool look at the Nikon Df from Canada, eh!

You know, when one of our compadres make a  good video, you have share.

Up in Calgary,Canada, there’s snow on the ground but that doesn’t stop Chris Nicholls from walking around and showing of the mew Nikon Df

[youtube id=”5lM0M-l6eu0″]

Now the camera store is a big retailer, so there is good motivation for them to make the vid.

As any good Gear Monkey would, I love to see the walk through of the camera, as a good share.

When he brings in the D4 to make the point of a D4 sensor in the new body, it’s a great point. The D4 he has is not a working model.

Not sure what can be learned seeing an online shot from a D4.

Anyway, that was it. The rest of the vid is terrific. Kudos!

Can’t wait to get the review unit and work the camera for real. The real world test is the best.

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