Weekly Giveaway – Annie Leibowitz At Work

You’ve seen so many of Annie Leibowitz’s photographs in your life, perhaps sometimes without knowing it. Her coverage and depiction of the people of her generation and yours, has created a body of work that speaks to a style of image making she has created all for herself.
There have been documentaries, traveling exhibits, and numerous books of her photographs.She is probably the most famous photographer to the world at large.


Now, you can learn more about her technique, with this new book, Annie Leibowitz at Work, dropping Nov. 18th, 2008.
We’re always looking at the lighting set-ups and equipment used whenever these “photogs at work” documentaries air on TV. Curiosity at the very least, since you are photographers, also.

We’re giving this book away, before we’ve even seen it, but have heard all about it. It should prove to answer questions, teach you, and well, understand that the gear isn’t the whole story. You need the right tools, but a good shoot is a thing of beauty, and who better to pull back the curtain than someone doing it 24/7, like Ms. Leibowitz?

“The first thing I did with my very first camera was climb Mt. Fuji. Climbing Mt. Fuji is a lesson in determination and moderation. It would be fair to ask if I took the moderation part to heart. But it certainly was a lesson in respecting your camera. If I was going to live with this thing, I was going to have to think about what that meant. There were not going to be any pictures without it.”
—Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz describes how her pictures were made, starting with Richard Nixon’s resignation, a story she covered with Hunter S. Thompson, and ending with Barack Obama’s campaign. In between are a Rolling Stones Tour, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, The Blues Brothers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keith Haring, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Patti Smith, George W. Bush, William S. Burroughs, Kate Moss and Queen Elizabeth. The most celebrated photographer of our time discusses portraiture, reportage, fashion photography, lighting, and digital cameras.

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