Coming soon : Sony RX 100 III : Broadcast specs for video in a compact camera

Well, as sure as the sun will come up every day we know the compact camera you bought last year will be updated this year.

Just commit and buy when you need.

If you haven’t secured your latest favorite compact, check out what’s coming from Sony in June: The RX 100 III.

Maintaining an $800 price point ( guess the figured that was the ouch number for a compact), this latest iteration of an acknowledged winner, come with a Zeiss 24-70 mm lens and a 1,8-2,8 aperture range. Sweet.

But one that also made me stop was the 50MPS video recording. 50 MPS!!! Last time looked, this was near broadcast quality, although the chip is smaller than required.

And a 1″ 20.2 MP Exmor Rsensor, wi-fi capable, built in ND filter, 12,800 ISO , AND…..HDMI clear output for UNCOMPRESSED video recordings. Oh, and a variable angle LCD screen. on a compact.

Is this the rocket in your pocket you’ve been looking/waiting for?

I don’t know. The specs are amazing, though and Sony has been pretty true to their word in the past.

If you’re waiting for your next compact camera, and have the dough to splurge, June could be your month.





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