Photoinduced Holiday Gift Guide Part 4 : It’s All In Your Hands – Phone Photography

Hope you had some Black Friday luck in shopping, and are ready for Cyber Monday!Some sweet deal out there, but the current models of things are a bit elusive in those sales. Oh well.
Now for the current Gift Guide:

We’ve moved past the question about point and shoot cameras V smartphones.
Game over.
So as the phone in your hands is the primary snapshot tool, you have to do what you can to bridge the gap from high end compact cameras and the phone.
Don’t want to take anything away from the fine entries from Sony like the RX100II, the Nikon A, or Canon’s latest G-series.
But the iPhone is sweet (like the HTC, LG, Samsung, Huawei). And the video functions are fun. And I can share directly to all social media with simplicity and no 3rd party interface site.
So lets look at some at some cool items to help make your iPhonography gift list, more complete.

Lets start with the cases.

Speck has been protecting my laptop for years, so when the “Bendgate” furor began, they came up with a solution fast.

Bendgate is no worry with this solid case with grips,solid construction, and a slightly higher lip around the screen for those who have dropped their phones and picked it up to see a spider web of a screen. Not a screen cover, but the lip helps the screen be away from any flat surface. Sure, it’s bigger that the phone, and honestly other cases, but this one can be in the back pocket no problem. Plus the grips keep the phone in your hands.
I know, the sleekness of the new phone, get’s a little bulkier her, but the phone goes in my back pocket with no worries.
$33.for this insurance Speck CandyShell Grip Case

STM has produced our favorite iPad case and has come back with a new iPhone case.


Thin, strong and has a special bottom portion that allows you to stand up your phone and maintain a clean line to the case.There is a pliable joint that allows this, and you may ask how long could that last?
Knowing this companies solid product line, I’d say well into the life of your next phone in 2 years.
About $20.STM Harbour Case

Now let’s talk about lenses for enhancement.
Our favorite has been the Olloclip series, who makes real glass attachments for close-up, fish-eye, Wide Angle, and Telephoto images.
This latest version for the iPhone 6 takes into account the different placement of the lenses on the phone, front and back and they made a full snap on set that lets you use the rear facing camera and get your selfie on with a variety of lenses.
They sell it with a few different colored holders, and a neck strap to keep it with you.
On thing I haven’t tried so far, is the telephoto lens in this edition, but I’m sure that’s coming. Maybe in my stocking, or winning in a dreidel spin off.

Small note: Magnetic lenses are not what you want to put on your phone.

A new entry is Ztylus: a case series with a unique add-on of a lens system that you can take on and off, making the case, just a case. I like the glass, and it also added a filter, a circular polarizer to the sequence.
So, when you have the straight up case, it’s nice and slim, with a kickstand to stand-up the phone. Then add the circular lens system easily, and you have some solid lens additions. Smart call on the polarizer as well.
There is a screw to keep the bottom of the case on, and just keep track of that. It does, allow sliding of the phone in and out of the case an easy operation. Check out the site for a full look at this,Ztylus
This gifting is for a special person as it’s about $85 for ZTYLUS SMARTPHONE CASE WITH KICKSTAND & RV-2 REVOLVER 4-IN-1 LENS ATTACHMENT

You need a “selfie stick” or whatever you’d like to call it. Walking around in the NYC holiday streets, I’ve seen the basics: extending stick with a gripper at one end, depending on a timer to take the shot. Yes,phones and camera will do it.
Polaroid has come up with a perfect alternative, so you can control it all, at up 40″ away with this unit.
Well made, and it alos has a 1/4-20 so you can screw in whatever you want, and use the stick in a non remote way.


For $40, you’ll want to get this in time for the holidays. I meant as a gift for that special person who loves to do selfies. A solid advancement for camera control with the Polaroid 40″ ‘Selfie Stick’W/Bluetooth Remote Release

We all have our favorite photo apps at this point, and we’ll see more coming.
An old favorite was Hipstamatic. While cleaning up the phone, and getting rid of apps I never use (like year-end cleaning of the closets, digital style) I came up that app.
But lo and behold they added a new filter that is outstanding: TinType.
Use pictures from your camera roll, or import to your phone.
Like this one:
FullSizeRender-3 Mick Fleetwood © Damon Webster 2014 all rights reserved
While shooting a Stevie Nicks photo exhibit, the party brought a lot of her friends to the Morrison Hotel Gallery.
When Mick Fleetwood came in, I was able to get some portraits on the fly.

Here is the color version:

Mick Fleetwood © Damon Webster 2014 all rights reserved

For $1.00, you’ve got to try this out.

And don’t forget about this iPhone case/ with a GoPro mount:
From the same company as the PolarPro, The ProView.
Take your smartphone and use it as the monitor and control central for the GoPro in a case or frame. It’s a 2 piece case, with the top having a standard GoPro mounting.
And they include a regular top when you’re not filming. Simple design, works like a charm.One note though, the iPhone 6 size is coming soon. VERY soon.
Only about $30 for the PolarPro GoPro Phone Mount

We’ve got a couple of more guides to help you in your seasonal shopping, with the big camera notes, coming shortly.
And there are some bits and bobs we haven’t touched on, that we’ll list up for you.

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