It’s a Cycle Alright, Thankfully, Not A Vicious One

It goes a little like this:
Concept the shot, shoot it, digitize, print, look around, see all of the other art out there, be impressed, be critical, rethink your process (or feel darn good about it) get inspired to create more, concept…and so on.
Now of course that is the basic version, your process may vary.

OK, I’m sure it does.

This brings us to a discussion on the 3 month run of incredible art fairs we’ve seen around the world. Sure, the main focus for us are the photographic exhibitions, but man nor woman live by bread alone.
Simply put, you should expose yourself to all of the mediums to get a true grasp on how we communicate through our creative endeavors.

Not news, but a little reminder.
I remind myself all of the time.

So Paris-Photo, the biggest (and in my humble opinion) best of the lot, PhotoLA 18 years and going strong, AIPAD, and Arles, have become kinda of the “must-gets” in the gallery world of photography. The ancillary events surrounding these events can’t be beat. Don’t forget that Palm Springs Photo Fest is coming on strong for different reasons.

Then you have to get to Art Basel, in Miami or Switzerland for a complete dose. The extra curricular events here are about 27 different OTHER art fairs (plus rocking parties). The advantage to this event is the complete takeover of a city, by the participants. If you dig art, don’t miss it.

Here in LA we are now hosting 2 art fairs at once: LA Art Show at the Convention Center, and ArtLA, at the Barker Hangar.
Weds night was the first night for the LA Art Show and from the gallery filled space, you can get an incredible range of work.
The way I hit these events is to do a walk around the grid, photograph some initial pieces, then go in for the deeper look.
The caliber of work at this show was, hmmm…mind blowing. Truly. There was a good mix of the pop/candy art,

[photopress:PLA_0104_1.jpg,full,centered] © Luo Brothers “Happy Life”, Robischon Gallery

plus the slightly disturbing,
[photopress:picture.asp_1.jpeg,full,centered] ©Zhang Peng, Eli Klein Fine Art

and photographs weaving technique to shift the 2D paradigm.[photopress:PLA_0113_1.jpg,full,centered] © Rusty Scruby
Palm Light 2009
Pan American Art Projects Gallery
[photopress:PLA_0127.jpg,full,centered] © James Thegerstrom and Heather School

Sprinkle in some sculptural wooden beauty, which while not intellectually taxing, was pretty to look at. (not a bad thing.)

But for me the biggest surprise was the fine, classical, painting on the walls, in a slightly sequestered section near the front left of the hall.
Not a fan of the period, however, when paintings have the masters touch, you can’t help but be affected.

Today , it’s time for the ArtLA fair, where they have recreated a famous artist hang from Chinatown in LA, the Mountain Bar.
There will be coverage.

And then on Sunday, we concept.

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