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There is an incredible French restaurant in Santa Monica called “Michaels”
Located just off the promenade, this spot has been a classic mainstay in Los Angeles, renown for outstanding culinary delights, with Michael McCarty as your host.
We were invited to an exhibit of photographs there, opening tonight.
Who knew that this excellent restaurant had an exhibit space.
Who knew that with black and white silver prints by Willa and David Mamet would tell stories, simply and elegantly.

[photopress:willa1.jpg,full,centered] © Willa Mamet

David Mamet is one of Americas greatest playwrights, and you could see the stories hinted at in his images. Stylish black and white scenes of a wintry New England, especially one titled” End of the Day”, as 2 hunters trudge through the snow, perhaps done for the day.

But it was the work of Willa that kept drawing us closer, as we checked the numbered pin next to the photo with the accompanying list of titles and artist.
Every shot that made us stop, was hers.

[photopress:willa2.jpg,full,centered]© Willa Mamet

[photopress:willa3.jpg,full,centered] © Willa Mamet

It seems the simplicity in her photographs, reflects the simplicity in her shooting style: Leica, 50mm Summicron lens, personally printed in a wet darkroom. She shoots with the same speed film, and knows it well.
Even the thought of color, seemed to make her wince a bit. As long as she can create the image from the beginning to the end, it’s a happy thing.
Just that simple.

[photopress:willa4.jpg,full,centered] © Willa Mamet

[photopress:willalast.jpg,full,centered] Willa in front of one of our favorite shots of the exhibit.

[photopress:dwx.jpg,full,centered] Willa and David Mamet

It was a full crowd tonight, and thanks to the superb restaurant on the ground floor, the appetizers were of the highest caliber. No cheese cubes at this opening.
Simply delicious.
Who knew.

Photographs of Vermont by Willa and David Mamet
February 18th – May 18th, 2009
Michael’s Restaurant
1147 Third Street
Santa Monica, California

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