STM Review: Wallet & Phone Case

Yes, there a few major systems out there that give you access to pay systems without using a physical credit card. I don’t now about you, but for the most part, it’s a lot faster to use the physical card. And most transit systems require you to swipe the magnetic strip to enter.
As much as I use my phone for everything from photos and editing, airline boarding passes,amazon purchases, scanning through B&H for the right piece of used gear, I still carry a full card wallet.

Combining a few of the key cards with the phone in one case is a great idea, but honestly, a lot of the cases I see people use get kinda gross with all of the handling. Plus the amount of bulk is crazy.

STM is the company that makes my favorite iPad case, and have introduced some phone cases as well.
This one, first of all, is in black. And thin.
Fitting a few cards in the front flap, this unit uses a unique way of keeping the cards away from the phone surface: Suction cups.
2 Very small suction cups.
Have a look at how it gives just the right amount of air space between the phone and the cards.

And the camera is protected by a beveled opening for the lens and flash.
The charging, and speaker area are also left unencumbered for easy access.
The phone is held secure, snapping into place.
Another cool feature is the easel function. Primarily for the landscape mode, but I suppose you could go vertical. It seems to stand OK, but not designed for that.

What I like about this is: lightweight, airspace between card and screen surface, and the suction cups also help keep the flap closed.Plus being black, it’s not as susceptible to appearing dirty. Should last as long as the phone.
What I don’t like is the lack of access to the camera.I need to hold the front flap open to take a shot, while I most comfortably would fold back the front flap for normal use. That is true with most flap cases.
About $30. USD

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