Happy New Year, and Thanks to Some Special Photo Folks

It always seems to come up so fast, and here we are at the end of another year.
First of all, thank you for your support this year on the site, the FB page and twitter, Hope you found some of the shares interesting, or useful for you.

I do want to call out some of the folks that made this year,and many others,special for us in the photo community.

First of all, thank you Hossein Farmani, the creator of the Lucie Awards.
For 13 years, the Lucie Awards has honored the greatest achievements in photography. There is not another award show that brings the spotlight onto the very best in the photo earls across all disciplines: Commercial, Fine Art, Documentary, Fashion, Photojournalism, books magazine and new artists, as well a honoring the masters with lifetime achievement award. Along with his partner, Susan Baraz, he has created this show to celebrate our best.
Hoessein’s passion is in his DNA and his love for the photographic arts has spread out into the world with multiple shows, set around the globe.

Then you have someone like Andy Adams, who with his company FlakPhoto brings the spotlight to the community, with an accessible platform for everyone to share, compare, discuss, and spread the love for the medium. A social media star, he brings your photo world to your devices in the most democratic way.

Elizabeth Avedon has a photographic conscience, and shares her thoughts with us on the photo world at large, with a sharp look at the world of fine art. Her insights are consistently on point.

Thank you, PetaPixel for scouring the web and bringing us salient, funny, informative, useful, interesting, news in the world of photography. A well designed site that does bring me to the actual URL for the rest of the story. Yes, sometimes it’s a bit click-baity, but what isn’t? This is a subject I care about so I’ll click more often than not.

In the photographic world, the Getty Foundation continues to make the championing of photographic fine art one of the constant missions. With high end exhibits, that show deep and thoughtful, explorations and revelations of our visual history, they have constantly brought the public a cornucopia of the best, presented in the most beautiful setting imaginable.

And thank you to MOMA, my happiest place on earth. I’ve been going there since I was 5, and the permanent photographic collection, plus the changing shows, inspire and challenge on a regular basis. The Family Of Man full exhibit happened there way before my time, but changed my photographic life.

I encourage you all to click the links, and visit either virtually, or with the Getty and MOMA, in person.

Of course there are plenty more to be thankful for this past year. Who are you thankful for?

Happy New Year!

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