Messenger Bag Roundup : Which Bag Came Up On Top?

bag7-2After going through the 4 messenger bags, in the real world, and for a more extended time that just a load-in and see what happens, there is a lesson learned. One we all know:

There is no one perfect bag for every situation.
No bag had everything I was looking for. Close, but in fairness, all were solid products.

Highlight Re-Cap, with links to the full reviews, as well:
24/7 Traffic – great value, cool extras, more of a bike riders bag.
Peak Design 13″ – best looking, high end bag, of the bunch. Some of the missing features make it less of a worker, and more of a presentation bag.
ThinkTank City Walker 20 : great, soft bag, sweet design with plenty of usable pockets. Best when traveling light.

The Tenba DNA 13 is the all around, best bag for day-to-day, including office work, when carrying laptop, plus mirrorless cameras (plural) and lenses. Looks great, well built, and is a worker.

The prices range is from $80-$250.
You know what you can afford. And chances are, you have more than 1 bag, anyway. OK, 3-4.
Their are a ton of bags out there, and we’ll be seeing new ones coming this fall, guaranteed.

Of course there are the times when a backpack is best, an of course which roller o you want to bring to the gig?
More to come……

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