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The newest camera in the line-up was coming out. The demand was high, so I got on a waiting list.
On the day it was to start shipping, Hunt’s Photo was one step ahead, the magical box appeared at my doorstep.
In hand and ready for an out of town assignment to check it out, I was one happy camper.
(I’m not a fool, and of course has other cameras with me. A brand new product could have bugs)
Yep, I was happy for about 2 weeks.

Then the camera died in the middle of an event shoot. Not a paid gig, so not that much of a loss.
But it was a huge disappointment.
Went on all the info boards at night, and contacted the manufacturer. No one had ever heard of the issue before.
I called up Alan, my sales guy at Hunt’s, and he pulled a rabbit out of the hat. Alan had located a very hard to get a hold of, brand new body!
We agreed that for speed, I’d buy the new body, they would send a return shipping label for the other one, and when they received it back, I’ll get that price refunded.
Here’s how it all happened:
1. Camera died at 9:00 PM
2. By 11:00 AM, about 14 hrs later, a replacement camera was on it’s way to me.
3. 12 hrs after that, the new camera was in my hands.

Alan was fantastic in his service in taking care of this problem, so fast, it became a non-issue.
As a footnote, the manufacturer wanted me to pay to send the camera back to them for study. Really??
Since I had purchased the camera a couple of week before, it was within a return window. There was no drama and only helpful service to rectify the situation and get me shooting again. Heck, a defective camera had nothing to do with the seller.

This is not my first purchase with Hunt’s. Everyone has been shipped fast, no tax, an knowledgable folks on the other end of the phone. And they price match!

Aren’t those the kind of attributes you want in a photo dealer?

I met them at PhotoPlus Expo a couple of years ago, and they are now my first call.
Give em a shot. You’ll be happy you did.
And no, I have no deal with them. No % back, no referral fee. Nothing. Just good, solid, consistent service.


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