Peak Design Makes A Move to Help You Out

They are doing that with a unique proposition:

To start, 20%-40% site wide on their high quality products. All of them!

and then this, from their site:

“By this point, your inbox is littered with well-meaning emails from companies telling you confidently how they will be navigating the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout. We considered piling another note on the heap, but it didn’t feel useful or honest.

The truth is we’re scared, too. It’s a frightening time to run a small business.

Instead, we thought we’d share our recent all hands meeting, where we try to figure it out.

With no outside investment, Peak Design’s lifeblood has always been the enthusiasm of our customers. Your support is keeping the lights on and letting us launch Travel Tripod globally on April 7th, giving 100% of profits to coronavirus relief and fighting climate change.

Let’s all keep creating, connecting, and helping.”

this is the latest iteration of the Travel Tripod:

“…giving 100% of profits to coronavirus relief and fighting climate change.” Let that sink in for a moment. Then make a purchase.

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