Your Stand Up Desk Just Got Portable!

WFH is the order of the day now, and a return to an office seems to be a ways off.
So now you are spending even more time in front of your screen, than ever before. Intently concentrating, making sure you are engaged, or looking like you are, forces you to stay on that keyboard!
If you have been feeling the strain on your body, you are not alone.
One of the best ways to help out the pinches, aches, and overall discomfort is to make the move to a stand-up desk.
And I’ve done the research. Most solutions are way too big, and being in an NYC apt, space is at a premium.

Check this out:
The Moft Z

Here is my MacBook Air (in a case) on top of the MOFT Z.

Yep, this origami based design, material covered fiberglass solution has become my savior. Called the MOFT Z, it folds up to nothing. I can now take my laptop anywhere, and set up to a comfortable, working, position

Plus it gives you a variety of ways to set your device up.

For the main setup, I use the laptop in a lean angle, so the keyboard is comfortable and the screen is a good angle to my face. Much better for the never ending zoom calls.
There is a lip on the stand to help keep your device where it should be. Honestly, the material on the MOFT Z, does that job pretty well, but I still add the extra bit of security.

I do add a webcam for some added quality, when I’m at a desk. Laptop cams are pretty low quality. Yep, add lights as well. Why not? Kinda what I do.

But on the move? This unit is the best!

When it’s a long day of work, I go for the standing version. Luckily have a rooftop in my bldg, so a common table is avail. Of course, I couldn’t lug a common standing desk up there, but since this folds up to NOTHING, I can pop up there, set up, and easily pack up to leave. BTW, you can use the stand-up situation with the device closer, or a little further away from you. I go a little further away.
In these day of WFH, it has become a lifesaver.

It’s secure, and is at the right height for me. My back is soooo much happier.

Right now, it’s only available on Indiegogo.

It’s about $55.00. Highly recommend!
Oh, and here are the specs!


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