Lowepro Updates to 2 Solid Designs

Last month at PMA, we met with a TON of manufactures and have just been sifting through all of the info to pass on to you.
And the video.
Look, we know that before you can make a solid purchase, you want all of the info. Take a look around the item. Kick the tires, so to speak.
There are a lot of photographic bag companies out there to choose from, but only you know how you work, and what you need.
So we suggest that you take your gear down to the brick and mortar photo store close to you, once you have made some determinations online, and see what fits in what bag, and how you’ll be transporting it.
Photogs love their bags, and will search till they find the right one. Or the right one for that particular type of assignment.
Starting off, here is a look at 2 revised products from Lowepro, the Pro Roller-x Series, and the Toploader 75

Some pretty cool. stuff right?
Not sure if i would put a big lens on the tripod handle, but it has it’s uses.
What do you think?

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