The Affordable Action Cam With ALL Accessories Included!

Truth be told, I don’t ski, skateboard, sail, or bike.
I DO snorkel a coupla times a year.
SO why would I want or need an action cam?
Good question.
And the answers are many: time lapse being a huge one, having a small, quality, capture vid camera for the beach, body mounted cam for documenting the day, a diff kind of webcam. etc..
Basically, a small video camera that can capture life.
Having used everything from the first GoPro to the current DJI Action Cam, there have been some great improvements along the way.
Front and Back screen, and simplified touch screen menus are 2 of the majors upgrades, plus image stabilization.
They may all come from the same factory, so many features are shared, although the apps, and build, are specific to brands.

A new player in the field, Akaso, sent me their new entry into the market to check out. The Brave 7 LE!

4K, waterproof down to 131FT/40M while equipped with the included waterproof housing, water resistant right out of the box.
and the beauty here is that everything you need is INCLUDED!!

1x Remote Control/ 2x 1350 mAh Battery/ 1x Waterproof Case/ 1x Battery Charger/ 1x Bicycle Stand/ 6x Mount/ 2x 2-sided tape/ 2x Helmet Mount/ 1x Bandages/ 5x Tethers/ 1 x Protective Backdoor/ 1x USB Cable/ 1x Lens Cloth/ 1x Quick Reference Guide
And it has image stabilization, plus  captures  at 4K30FPS Video, & 20MP Photo.

Out of the box, the Wi-Fi worked easily (hit side button twice) and it connected to my phone. This has been the bane of my existence on many early action cams. I spent more time trying to connect then getting the shot!

The touch screen was easy to navigate as well, although if I had a choice, the phone app was a great way to monitor, and adjust exposure, format, and function.

When I first got into this category, I slowly had to add accessories to get the most out of it.
Not so here. For you, or as a gift, this purchase is complete.
The only you add is a Micro SD.

Overall high marks for the build quality, and software. Admittedly, I’m not banging this all over the place, but am confident that it can take a beating as much as any of the other options.

Ask yourself this question, though: what is your budget? and the price for the Akaso?
how about $140? 

And the prices the other guys come out with new versions are reaching into $400 for camera only.

Of course, new players will continue to come, but this unit is the perfect one to start your action cam adventure. Check out some of the others in the line.
If you already own another brand, all of your accessories should fit. I have a box full!

This will def be on the Holiday Gift Guide this year, as it meets a bunch of criteria: quality and price.

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