Holiday Gift Guide Part 7 – Gifts You Don’t Need to Wrap

I hope you got in on all of the black Friday, cyber Monday, and green Monday sales.
There are more sales coming but getting a physical gift under the tree is a bit tough now, unless you pick it up, wrap it and deliver it.
Here are some items that photographers at various levels of expertise will love and you don’t have to wrap a thing!
Making a nice email could be cool, but that’s up to you.
I’m talking about some great software
Let start with the best and the classic- Adobe Creative Cloud. With a suite of some of the best creative tools around, you can’t beat this for that special person on your list (is it you?)
And you can also get specific bundles for a photographer or videographer.
Plus with free tutorials online, this will enhance any content and give an artist plenty of room to grow.

BTW, Lightroom will be a big part of an upcoming post about digital asset management. How to look over 300,000 photos and find the exact one you want!

If the CC is too complex, and it may be, the best package I’ve seen is the Adobe Elements package.

With so many of the great features in the pro model, this combo software gives photographers and videographers a great start in the content creation path content creators path. And it’s not gonna break the bank. about $100

Want to go pro?

This software gives a system to edit with blazing fast speed when you are on a deadline.

The thumbnails of your images load super fast allowing you to edit and export or upload to make that deadline! Or send the selected images to Photoshop to tweak away.

When you have the time to craft an image even more, this set of products from Topaz will give you an edge to enhance a photograph to the best of its possibilities. Sharpen, increase ability to enlarge, de noise. Love it for those low light night shots

And 25% of to 12/31! Or try it for a free trial

Another choice in the enhancement software is On1– a long time player in the field, check out the possibilities. And the units can be added as a plug in to your favorite Adobe product. Similar software to Topaz so download a free trial and see what works best for you

And of course a good solid gift card to a store like BH, Adorama or Fotocare will do just right!

Yes, there are many different software choices out there. The ones above have been tried and true by me, and work like crazy. I depend on them.

And of course if you are not shipping, and are looking for the last minute gifts for the content creators on your list, the BH Flash deals can’t be beat!

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