The Mindful Photographer by David Ulrich – Awake In The World With A Camera

You don’t know everything.

Seriously, if you do not stay curious, and constantly exploring, you will become stagnant.
So much to learn.

David Ulrich is a photographer, and more importantly, a teacher who shares lessons in this book, The Mindful Photographer, that should make you examine your methods, consider the options, and overall think about how you are living a creative life.

Yeah, I know. Sounds heavy.
His voice as a teacher comes through strong, and while reading many of the chapters, It felt like I was back in school.
In a good way.
Sometimes you need a refresher. Sometimes you need a nudge. Sometimes you need a kick in the butt.
This book seems to cover all of those things.

He opens with a very revealing note about one of his mentors, Minor White. Obviously wanting to share an experience, it did set a tone of honestly throughout the book.

What does a photographer do when their vision becomes impaired?
They continue to shoot. And in David’s case, also teach.
Let’s be honest though: Albert Watson, whose most famous photo book is called Cyclops, also has the use of only one eye.
David presents a deep dive into so many questions that a photographer may have:
Spiritual, technical, and the ever present question of “ why do I do this?”

The ability to jump around the book via short chapters was a plus, yet I found myself going through the chapters one after another.
Chapters titled as : “When to put the Camera Down”, and “Art Is A Lie That Tells The Truth (credited to Picasso)” to “Sift, Edit, Refine” give you an idea of what you can expect.
It seemed like a lesson plan that should be inherently followed.
So I did.

Were there revelations? If you have been to a photo school, or portfolio reviews, not really.
Still there were lessons that bear repeating in your photographic life, and it was appreciated.

It is, overall, a well presented, deep dive into the photographers mindset. about $35 at Amazon

A solid read, produced with all the quality you could hope for.

BTW, there is another book, out currently, about photography with the same main title! Haven’t read it so can’t give an opinion

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