Report on PhotoPlus Expo – Via YouTube – Gear, Software, Accessories

Over a week ago we attended PhotoPlus Expo in NYC and walked and talked to most of the folks running the booths there. All of the big and little names in photo products.

In addition we shot some video on some of the best products we think you should know about.

This week we’ll be sharing these videos in ,hopefully, short enough clips via YOUTUBE
Let us know if this is working for you.

Its a new way to review and share some of what we see out there in world of Photo Accessories, Photo Software and digital cameras.

Here’s some info on what you’re watching:

There is always some product at these shows that draws a continuous crowd and has huge sales. Whether it’s the price point or the product, its like candy to the crowd.
Watch the creator Gary Fong demonstrate what we do consider to be an incredibly useful tool for the photographer using an on-board strobe.
While at the show we tried and dang, if it didn’t do everything he said. Looks like Tupperware or some other food container, and comes with some simple, smart accessories. Softens your light, balances your color, and a claim for doubling your power. Not sure if it does that but……
I’m already shooting with it. Love this.

have been around for awhile and it wasn’t until this show did I see what a great tool it is. Curious? Yes. And I’m glad I waited. The newest version has some features that I think are essential for the smooth operating. If you want selective focus in a unique way, this should find its way into your repertoire. Portraits, macro, and more, I now know what was up.

Better yet: watch the creator of LensBabies tell you about it on this video.

If you are looking for a well engineered, sleek, WORKING camera bag, Lowepro has just announced the SlingShot 300AW. We’ve been a fan of the 200 and now the new larger size has added a waist belt and perfectly placed “grab handle “ to get you into operating position.
Sure, easy to explain.
Here’s someone from Lowepro to demo the bag in the video.

Have you ever been in a situation where your tripod just won’t go? Or feel secure? Like on a rock or a tree, or maybe a fence that just won’t let you get a tripod there safely?
Another option comes from the people at GorillaPod.
An interesting looking segmented tripod that articulates to whatever shape you may need,
You can grab onto an object and place your camera or video camera in place.
They have 3 different sizes with carrying weight differences: point and shoot/camcorder size; entry level DSLR with small lens size; and the new big boy which claims to hold a pro DSLR with a good size piece of glass.

Take a look at the video and then check out their sites for more info. It really took seeing the units in person and then on their site to grasp (pardon me) the best way to use these. By the way, the DSLR Zoom version, works best with an additional ball head. But you probably have one.

Overall, seeing a demonstration of an item, watching how software really can work, touching a product to gauge its quality, and being able to talk to the representatives, helped separate what may be a worthwhile product and what may be just another item that sits on a shelf at your studio.

In the next days, we’ll show you some more of the BEST OF PHOTOPLUS EXPO


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