Holiday Shopping List – and we’re just getting started!

Ok, as we head into the holidays ,you are making your gift lists for your friends, family, and well…maybe yourself.
C’mon now. Everyone probably wants to know what you’d like. And when you don’t get it , you’ll be clear about what to buy for yourself.

Here is our 1st Photographers Holiday Shopping List!

Lets start with some smaller things for the photographer on our list:


Mini Tripod

Camera Pouch

Card Readers

Family Of Man
A book that should be in everyone’s library.

Material World
Digital Photography for Busy Women

– a must!

Woman – A Celebration

Small tip on this one: I’ve found that if you can add a photobooth photo from your personal collection to the front of the book (perhaps scanned first) you have made a very personal gift for someone in your photo.

Looking At Photographs

Edward Weston – Daybooks


DVD Biographies ,Documentaries, Dramas with photographers as the protagonist.


Mag Subscriptions
Photo District News,American Photo, Aperture, B&W


Slightly Silly- Photo-oploy – game using photographs. You may play, you may not but it’s a fun idea. Give it early in the month though. Better when its all set and personalized

IInternational Center of Photography gift items. Great stuff here: note cards, pinhole cameras, T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs, cool viewers. Check it out on line. Large selection all in one place.

Also consider:
SD cards
Lens cleaning kits
Picture frames


Specific Use tripods –

Gorilla Pod ,Monster Pod.

Camera Bags – LOWEPRO– SlingBag 300


Lighting Accessories- LightSphere


Annie Leibowitz – A Photographers Life

Steve McCurry -Looking East

Robert Polidori -After The Flood

Henri Cartier-Bresson : Photographer

Hotel LaChapelle

Elliot Erwitt- Personal Exposures
And about a bazillion more out there

Museum memberships- ICP,MOMA, Brooklyn Museum in NY
Your local

Photoshop Elements– get them started on the good path with this affordable great software. Mac or Windows.
Cranking up the heat:

Epson PictureMate Deluxe Photo Printer
– just too much fun during the holidays. It used to be polaroids. slip in your media card and everyone can still get a print and an exact copy.

There is a new printer out so this older one is getting blown out in price. Great deals. Saw it flying out of CompUSA on Black Friday for $75!!

Digital point and shoot-
Canon SD 600 another camera getting replaced so prices are coming down.
Nikon S7C very trick and you get the opportunity to email your pix at will.

Yes, tons more and lots of good ones. Depends on your budget and needs.
I use a couple depending on the situation. Fuji,Olympus,Pentax, Panasonic, Sony ALL have great products out there.

Now we get into the bigger ticket items:

High Quality-low cost DSLR- Nikon D40– hands down. Coming in December.
Extra lenses – check their camera bag and see what they are missing. Usually a long lens or a wide angle will do the trick.

Good Flash Unit– Love the Nikon SB800
And Canon Speedlite 580 EX

Couple that with a Lightsphere from above and I’d say that was cool package.

Tripods– tough one to call, but a Gitzo –high end. Never buy another.
Manfrotto or Giottos coming in next.
Carbon Fiber lightens the weight and increases the price.

And here we go further up the cost ladder;

Epson 2400 printer – get some extra inks and Lustre paper .
Epson 3800 printer- brand new and worth the dough

Adobe Photoshop CS2– yes it’s going to CS3 for the new Intel macs in the spring but might as well get started now.
[photopress:62_product_image_2056843488.jpg,full,centered] While you are at it, make sure you get some DVD’s from Software-Cinema, the absolute best teaching DVDs out there.
Nikon D80

And if you are in this category… I would like to recommend one of my favorite things to give , and one of the hardest:

An original photographic print.

Is there an image that you know would speak to you recipient, or express how you feel ?

Or perhaps you would like to introduce them into the world of collecting.

Here’s one way to do it: Think of the images you know. Perhaps you’ve seen in a book or in a gallery.

Check out our RESOURCE page for some galleries

Meet with your local gallery dealers that you trust, and see if they have access to the image.

See the image if you can and try to imagine the person’s face receiving it.

If you smile, then it may be the right piece. If possible see if you can have an exchange policy attached to the sale.

This is where we are at right now. As we peruse the shops and internet and see something cool, we’ll let you know pronto.

I think anything on this list would make a photographer happy.

If you know what you want order it online. But if you’re not sure, visit your local “bricks and mortar” store.

The service I have received for my local store (Samy’s) has been outstanding.
When you deal with a knowledgeable friendly staff, you come away with a solid purchase.
And easy returns if needed.
These guys just educated me on a new item that ended up saving me money and I left with a better, more suitable product.
Good Stuff.

We’ll also give you some other sites gift list ideas. You never know what you may find.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for. let us know.

More to come.

Damon Webster

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