Weekly Giveaway – Irving Penn could be coming to your house!

We mean of course, in the form of a catalog of the recent show now appearing at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.
A short bit ago, we wrote about the exhibit, and felt that it is proof of realization of a promise made to the photo and fine art community, years ago.
They are continuing along that path by publishing catalogs that stand alone as excellent photo books for your collection.
Along with some of their succinct, informative writings, you’ll get as good an experience of the exhibit as possible, without being there.

You see, we do get to a lot of photo shows, but telling you about them can ring a bit hollow if there is no way for you to get to it in person. Of course there is the online experience.
It’s kinda like when someone reviews a movie, it may entice you to get to it, and thankfully, it’s a medium that travels far and wide, so the review makes good sense.
Well, with a book of photos from an exhibit, if it’s well printed, you can share in that experience. Not the richness of the original prints, or the curators layout, but in the privacy of your home, at your leisure.
We love the photo-book and may have too many. but there is nothing like sitting in comfortable chair and sifting through the collected work of an artist. Or even just having the book as a reference, for a style or time.

This week we are offering Irving Penn: Small Trades
by Virginia A. Heckert and Anne Lacoste, published by J. Paul Getty Museum, 272 pages, 9 1/2 x 12 inches, with 259 tritone illustrations. And the tritone quality is what a good B&W book is all about.

Sig up for the weekly NEWSLETTER, to be eligible to win this well done addition to your collection.
It’s real easy.
And if you have the winning entry, Irving Penn will be coming to your house. In book form, of course.

Post Script:
The Yin and the Yang. The tools and the creation.
There is a bit of each here on the site.
Photography is a tech based medium. Even when it was all chemistry it was still gear-y.
Painters will still extoll the virtues of a particular brand of paint or the best brushes.
Cinematographers will pontificate on the reasons they choose a Cooke zoom.
We try to balance. Check out the tools , and see what can be achieved in the right hands. Yours. and the masters.
Yes, a true photographer should be able to make a great image with a simple box camera.
But man, it is a pleasure to use a great tool.

Just saying. We like to celebrate both.

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