Feel the Need For Speed? Lexar has new 600x media cards for you!

Ahhh, nothing like saving all of that money on film, not to mention the processing.
And all of the DSLRs have such huge file sizes that your photographs can go poster size, no problem.
Using those media cards again and again, has saved you untold thousands,right? May have even changed how you shoot.
Those cards you bought a few years are still going to work today, but, (you knew that was coming) but are they able to keep up with the technology?
What we mean is, as these new cameras can shoot incredible bursts of RAW images by holding down your shutter button, you want to make sure that as the images are being written to the media card, you are not missing a shot.
Like a sports moment.
Or your kid’s first steps.

Anyway, when we were at the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC recently, we watched a demo by Jeff Cable of Lexar, on their new 600x speed CF card.

Had to share it.

Any questions?

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