Canon 1D Mark IV – Latest HD/ DSLR entry making news

Only about a year after the 5D made a major mark in the HD/DSLR world, thanks in part to Vince Laforet, the folks at Canon seem to be accessing all of their video knowledge from their other divisions and implanting them into their newest DSLR’s.
You have to remember that these DSLRS are still very strong tools for the still photographer.
Don’t forget that part.
With over 16 megapixels, this pro line entry, the Canon 1D Mark IV, has added the high ISO range to 102,400, like the Nikon D3s did just weeks before this launch.
The HD video can do 1080Pm, 720P, or SD (standard def) recording.
An vastly improved auto-focus system ( they were listening,folks) and a weather resistant housing and rubber gasketed lenses, make this a very impressive proposition.

Take a look:

It’ll sell for about $5,000 USD for body only, available by end of Dec. 2009.
Looks great, but we have one question: why not full frame? It has a new 1.3 crop, and may be great for everything you’re shooting.
But for the proline to not be full frame? Hmmmm

There is one thing we have learned, again and again.
No one camera will give you everything you may want.

You know what, though? Somehow we feel that the HD DSLR video wars will become like the megapixel wars. Over in due time.
We have seen more cinematographers gravitate towards the HD/DSLR’s as a smaller unit to get certain shots, it’s true. That is what they do: shoot motion.
As Vince Laforet demonstrated in a seminar to photogs at PhotoPlus Expo, it may look small, but once you add everything you need to really get a working video rig (sound, follow focus, monitor, tripod or bracket, lights, etc.) from a DSLR, expect the rig to triple in size at least and add a crew person or two to get the shot.
Oh yeah, and thousands of dollars.
We predict that photographers , after they have dipped their toes and checked it out, will get back to still photography.
Since photographers are so used to just shooting, wherever and whenever for the most part, the first time a city official asks for your permit and insurance certificate, with your deluxe HD/DSLR video rig, it will be a new experience for you.
There may still be a DSLR video free window, but it’s closing fast. Everyone is getting hip to what people are using for cameras.

As commercial disclaimers state, ” Your mileage may vary” and you may have a fantastic result with just you and your HD/DSLR.
Depends what you need.

Please don’t talk this the wrong way. This camera shoots excellent video, and it is ok for on-air broadcast, with the right amount of post.

The Canon 1D Mark IV is one fine still camera, and you should consider it as such. The rest, as we see it, is gravy.

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