February 26, 2006

Day one of the PMA. 600 exhibitors and yes, something for everyone.
There were new cameras from Nikon ( wi-fi point-and-shoots and the D200), Canon (30D SLR and new point-and-shoots) and Panasonic (very new cool technology in an SLR).
Tomorrow we visit the other major camera manufacturers for more news. You can visit their sites from our resources page for more detailed info.
There were a range of new and semi new items we thought would be of interest:

Digital Photography for Busy Women By Laura Oles
gotdigitalpictures.com for details.
This is fantastic primer for the digital photographer in a very clear ,concise well written softcover book. Although not just for women, one to check out.

Just announced from Logitech is an “alternate hand input device” Simply put, this is a fully customizable tool for the proficient Photoshop CS2 user . now both hands can be working without accessing pallettes. Well made with intuitive software included, take a look on their site logitech.com/nulooq to see the actual device.

At some point in your digital life, the media holding your valuable photos will crash. As you try to download the images it will appear as if nothing is there .But there could be all of your pictures somewhere on that card/disk . What to do? There are 2 main ,solid rescue software programs out there. One comes from Data Rescue ( on the resources page) and the other is Photorecovery. The difference? Photorecovery constantly will update software. And they will recover all of the other files you may now have: stills, movies AND MP3,WAV,MIDI and DSS. Those capabilities alone is worth a little extra dough. Take a look at lc-tech.com

You’ve probably heard about real US postage stamps with your personal or company image on them. This site has the most user friendly, easy to do layout we’ve seen. Go to photostamps.com.

There are some new “How-To” DVD’s simplifying some of the most popular D-SLR’s. Hard category to do well, but I think this company has it. A worthwhile accessory for the new camera owner.Take a look on the site for a preview and let us know what you think. quickproguides.com

Tomorrow we’ll look at some of the other new things at the show: papers,books, workflow software, camera bags, some new software for sharing your photos with your friends and family, discussion boards, etc.
All of the links above and those we review will be added to the RESOURCES page.
But right now, my dogs are barking and its time to review the exhibitor list and get ready for tomorrow. As I said…600 exhibitors!

Damon Webster

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