Olympus PEN EP-1; Packs Small and Plays Big – Lou Manna shows you how

OK, you’ve looked at the DSLR’s and the standard point & shoots. If you have some deep pockets, even the Leica family of jewels.
This camera, the Olympus PEN E-P1
, has perhaps started it’s own category: compact body with interchangeable lenses.
And it shoots HD video with cd quality stereo sound.
By using a 4/3rds sensor as part of the package here, the lenses specifically designed for this unit are so small and compact, you can carry a few in your pockets.
Amazingly, you can also get an adapter to use ANY cameras lenses on the unit.
Lou Manna, one of the Olympus Visionaries, uses these cameras for all of his paying jobs, and he is a very busy pro.
Take a look at some of the features:

We are waiting to get our hands on one to give you a full Real World Review, with all features explored.
Maybe we can try some of our Nikon and Canon glass to see what’s what.

By the way, Lou Manna, famed food photographer, is one of our judges in the Let’s Do Lunch! photo contest.
20% of your minimal entry fee will be donated to the winners community food bank.
The Grand Prize package is pretty sweet worth almost $5000.00

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