February 27,2006

Day 2- PMA
Good second day on the floor seeking out new,unique,useful tools for everyone.

We covered everything from great ink jet papers for the consumer and the pro/artist, to a very stylish, beautifuuly made range of camera bags.

Digital point and shoot camera that you can COMPLETELY submerge underwater and software that appears to be the best out there for downloading , and yes, editing and adding music to, mobile phone videos.

Some great pro software for organizing your workflow, and big news from one of the largest software companies: a consumer friendly newly updated version for MAC of one of their best products .

As i said, quite a range.

But who are all of these companies, what’s the name of their product, and most importantly…where can I get it?

Tomorrow we will let you know names, websites and more info. Tonight we will digest and take a closer look ourselves.

Damon Webster

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