4 Years ago Photoinduced.com went live. Look how we’ve grown. Thank you!

I woke up on a Jan. 1, 2005 and wrote the first 5 pages of what would become photoinduced.com.
There were many more components than you see here, including a broadcast component, and original programing, but the essence is here.
Our good friends at the Barbarian group, did the original design of the site and made sure to incorporate lots of user interfaces and features, which was just part of their expertise.
The first video we shot for this on-line venture was for Lexus and Surface magazine, and featured a winner from the Avant Guardian photo competition, held by Surface every year. This was made before the site went live, and was a huge show of support in the concept of photoinduced.com by Lexus, and we are forever grateful for that.
Here is that video:

Months after our initial site launched, we started to work with one of the Barbarian approved designers, Tom Fillep who brought us to the next stages, and fleshed out the readers gallery. We had separate designers work on the video page, and various bits of the entire site with its multiple pages of content.
We then met with Matt St. Gelais, a brilliant young designer, currently working at Modernista, and responsible for the main architecture you see now.

It is your continued support, though, that is the lifeblood and keeps the site alive.

2 years ago today, I was rushed to the emergency room at St. Johns hospital in Santa Monica. A freak incident, caused me to have surgery, and wake up like the character in the Diving Bell and The Butterfly film. I thought I was done, and found out I almost was, if I hadn’t gone to the hospital.
All is well now, and I returned home on the 23rd of Dec. and of course, checked email.
The emails from many of you wondering where the fresh content was, or why the weekly email Newsletter wasn’t in their box, made me smile.
A lot.
Photoinduced.com had connected with so many of you and I was moved.
So I write an article on Dec. 23rd that referenced the incident, but never dwelled on it.

Here is the point of it all.
This site is all about you. The things that are here are based on your needs, and I am constantly looking for feedback to make it a better place for you to hang out and share.
I have a passion and love for photography, and all aspects of it that is apparently is shared by you.

In what was a rugged year for any folks, I hope that photoinduced.com could be a bright spot with news, reviews, vids, and giveaways of stuff you want to know, and goods that you can actually use.

On the anniversary of all of those events, I want to say thank you for your continued support. It is my privilege to share with you, the many things I see in the world of photography and will continue to do so.
And the more there are of you, the more great giveaway we can do, as the manufacturers and publishers like to reach as many folks as possible.

I digress.
Happy Holidays and thank you for (still) being there. May we all have a truly remarkable 2010.

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