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As we see the year and decade end, we’d like to plant some new thoughts for 2K10 (will that be the term?)
If we continue to look outside of ourselves, and explore the world of photography around us, perhaps our work by the end of next year will have grown.
It’s one of our barometers of life: as long as we see some improvement or change from one year to the next, it’s a plus.
The world will go through it’s changes, but how do you, as a photographer, interpret that?
Not just in a photojournalistic way, but even in a fantasy way, or a wedding way, or family record way, or hanging with friends way.
You are creating a visual history of the times, and if, no…when, future generations look back at your photographs, there will be a point of view. Your point of view.

So we encourage you to look all around you, check out the books you may not normally look at, visit the galleries and museums you may not always frequent, walk though the neighborhoods you haven’t before.
The new experiences may encourage you to make new images. Even if you don’t have your camera with you.
2010 will be a great year.

Maybe you have never seen an issue of Aperture magazine.
“Since 1952, APERTURE has been showcasing the finest in creative photography from acclaimed masters to new talent. And every issue is made to last, with the highest quality printing and reproduction, the best paper, and a refreshing attention to detail in typography and design. ”
That is right from the subscription page, and there is not a lot we can add, other than we have been subscribers for many years, and 4 times a year, we love to take a break, and sit down with that magazine and discover something new, alongside a visual reminder of those that have influenced the art.

This week, to close out the year, we’d like to give one of you a subscription to Aperture Magazine, as our last item for you of 2009.
Who knows what you’ll discover in those pages this year?

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