February 28, 2006

Day 3 PMA
Another full day on the floor.

Today was spent concentrating on the latest point-and-shoots coming out from the majors. Each manufacturer has come out with new models that give the user a different set of features. Everyone knows that image stabilization is important ,at least 6 megapixels , minimum 3x optical zoom. These are the price of admission
After that LCD size, body size, WiFi capabilities, ISO, and specialty features, all come into play. And of course track record and perhaps your own brand loyalty.
Honestly, all of the manufacturers were very complimentary of the others when it came to the basics.

Tonight we will review all of the materials, take one last look tomorrow, and hopefully,
photoinduced.com can give you the purchase guidance that you want from a trusted friend.

And we’ll do a wrap up of PMA ,discuss some of the items we may left of the blogs so far, including some of the one-off unique items that you may not see anywhere else.

Damon Webster

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