Weekly Giveaway – Nikon takes you to lighting school: Redux!

…for about 2.5 hours on this very solid DVD with Bob Krist and Joe McNally , Nikon School Presents A Hands-On Guide to Creative Lighting

Sometimes we have items that are so popular we have to give them away again.
This is one of those things.

We love it when the manufacturers take it upon themselves to teach you about the products they sell.
No, really.
Yes, they are promoting their products, but the information they pass on transcends all of that.
We feel that when you are buying their products, it makes sense that they show you how to easily use it.
That inch thick manual is great for reference, and we go to them when ever we are stumped, but a hands on look. and teaching method is where we live. C’mon, it’s a visual medium, right?
Like their site Nikon Digitutor which shows you exactly what the buttons on your camera are for, to help you use it better or make a choice before you buy.

Back to the giveaway-

p91596bThere are solid lighting lessons here that you will use. Whether you use a speedlight, multiple speedlights, or regular studio strobes.
Plus they’ll show you how to efficiently work on location with these portable little beauties.

Here’s some of what they’ll cover:
*Lighting fundamentals and techniques—in the studio and on location
*Flash essentials
*Direction, color and quality of light
*Step-by-step placement of Speedlights within a scene
*Creating an efficient portable Speedlight outfit
*Overcoming the challenges of location lighting
Plus a ton more.

And if you do use Nikon Speedlights, the section on Master Commander and remote speedlights is worth the price of admission.

Here is a small preview:

Look, the powerful little computers you hold in you hand that we call cameras and speedlights are capable of some incredible things.
You just have to know what you have.
Let’s files this under tools for the toolbox.

Details for getting one of these DVD’s for free will be in this weeks NEWSLETTER.

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