“What’s In The Bag?” w/ Kristian Dowling – Part 6: Bend it, Shape it, Anyway you want it

In this segment, Kristian Dowling, shows some of the way to modify your light.
Bend it, soften it, spread it, shape it, and even color tone it to get the shadows and illumination just where you want it.
He is highly skilled and an artist in the location lighting techniques, used to create some of the dramatic work seen on his site.
The challenges of a location shoot are amplified when the relative calm and safety of a studio give way to real life , and it is the photographer who knows their tools, that can create a new reality, shaping the light they add to the scene.

Watch and learn as Kristian shows you the gear he brings to get the most out of the least amount of pro equipment.
(the light was constantly changing drastically as we shot, so please forgive us.)

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