What’s In The Bag? w/ Jim McHugh Part 3: the Hockney Connection

In this segment we begin to explore more of what’s in the life, than what kind of gear is used, although in this crazy photographic world , it all somehow ties together.

Jim McHugh has a long standing relationship with David Hockney, as you can see from this early portrait and some of the others down the line.

© Jim McHugh – David Hockney

and this photo from a session where David Hockney painted a portrait of Jim and his daughter. This became part of a major touring portrait exhibition of Mr. Hockney’s.

© Jim McHugh – David Hockney

In this segment, Jim discusses the influence of this world renown master, plus you’ll get some extra insight into the still images you see here.

Photographing him for People Magazine in 1993:

© Jim McHugh – David Hockney

And a more personal moment: (you have to watch the video to get the full background on the importance of this particular image)

© Jim McHugh -David Hockney, Boulton

We’d like to thank Jim McHugh for sharing some of this portraits, and look forward to the full book of Hockney.

There are more vids with Jim to come, so stay tuned.

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