Weekly Giveaway – A book, to help you make a book, to help you win lots of money

Does $25,000 USD sound like a good grand prize to you?

OK, it all May be a little confusing but here is the breakdown.
The good folks at Blurb.com have graciously offered to give 5 of you a free copy of the book: How to Make a Gorgeous Photo Book.

Since that is the business that they are in, and probably have a one of the best formats and methodologies for a complete end to end book making solution, they should have a pretty darn good handle on how to make a good book, right?
Whether you are making a book for a self promotional presentation, as an option for purchase for your clients, or as a gift, you want to make the best impression to can.

We had no idea where to begin on this journey ourselves, and honestly, had a bunch of starts and stops which mainly ended in stops.
This guidebook, with contributions from some of our fave photogs makes it a not so scary proposition.
Sure, we’ve all made some easy-peasy books in iPhoto, or Shutterfly and they rock, no question.
But when you want to step up your game and go pro, Blurb.com has got the goods to get you there.
And of course they have that end to end solution we were talking about.
What is end-end?
Basically not only will they help you get you custom book published, but they have an online bookstore where your book can be placed to sell onine.
OK, that’s not the “win lot’s of money” part.
This is:
Blurb is running a contest called “Photography Book Now”, an international juried, self published book competition.
The contest is for the best PRINT-ON-DEMAND book made with any service. Yep, any.
You can submit your book, online or with a hard copy.

We suggest you get going, though.
The deadline to enter that contest is July 15th.
That’s why we’re giving away 5 books on how to make your gorgeous photo book, right here.
Well, kinda right here.
To be eligible, you must be a subscriber to the totally free NEWSLETTER, which, for this giveaway, will be delivered to your inbox on Weds. morning June 16th.
You’ll have until June 18,2010 at midnight PST to enter.
The details on all of that will be in the NEWSLETTER. You need to sign up by Tuesday eve.

So there you have it: 5 winners will get the giveaway this week.
Pretty darn good odds.
And if you are really good?
You may have a shot at the $25,000 grand prize in the Photography Book Now contest from Blurb.com.

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