Come, walk with me – Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2010 celebrates record attendance!

It’s a solitary medium we have chosen.
Not everyone has the Annie Leibowitz staff, or army, or even a cadre of digital techs to compliment the archivists, set designers, stylists, make-up artists, re-touchers, etc.
We’d think it’s safe to say that most of us are working solo in the photographic arts.
Shoot, process, print or post. Can you do that all alone?
Sure, you can.
So when do you have a chance to share some knowledge and friendship with your fellow photographers?
Events, seminars, exhibits, and the local camera club, of course.
What, there is no local camera club ?
Well, once a year, Scott Kelby and the NAPP, sponsor a Worldwide Photowalk event. Yep, in cities all over the world, on July 24, 2010, groups of up to 50 photographers gathered together to walk and shoot in a predetermined route, while, hopefully, getting some of the friendly spirit of sharing. (by the way, joining the NAPP will be the best money you’ve ever spent making your photographs look better.)

OK, it is a contest and one of the photographs from the walk will be chosen as the group’s winner, and then they will be entered into a Grand Prize drawing.
There may have been some competitive spirit.

The point of it all is that as we are all reading this post at our computers/iPads/smart phones, it sure is nice, now and again, to meet some fellow travelers along the road.
Nothing like hanging with some folks, live, that will get excited about that lens you love, the Easter Egg hidden in Lightroom 3, the reasons you think your camera bag is the best.
We highly recommend the experience.
To that point, also; as many of us are used to being the still photographer one man band, think about the needs of that DSLR, when you begin to shoot video. Say hello to your sound person, lighting, grip, assistant camera, etc..
Your army of one will begin to expand greatly. Just saying. A step in another direction for a second.

This was our second year leading a walk and this time we went to the world famous Farmers Market in Hollywood, over 75 years old!
With fresh meats and produce, prepared foods, open air, novelty stands, ice cream, candy, toys, and a dedicated local following, there is something for everyone to do.
One of those “must do” things Hollywood.

We had a diverse group, including a father/daughter pair who shared directing experience. Some folks had been shooting for over 40 years, some for just over a year. One photographer credited the Scott Kelby Digital Photography books with his entire digital knowledge!

Slightly hobbled by a “no tripod” rule, one shooter used the tools at hand (table) to get some HDR work in the can.

A pre-arrangement with the management of the Framers Market ensured that the floating photogs were not hassled by the security force as they shot at will all over the place.
A HUGE thanks to them for that! Ms. Cerrato, you were awesome!
Of course all of the group, were professional and knew when and where a shot was appropriate.

Afterwards we all gathered in a 2nd floor meeting area to chimp away and share the photos.

Make sure you visit our own Flickr page with a ton more shots, that the group just decided to share with each other.

OK, folks, where should we do it, next year?

oh, and a lunch photo for those that know the series:

And we can continue the conversation on our Facebook page, also.

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