Going Rogue! Shaping your light with ease!

Ok, we all know that a direct flash is a pretty ugly light, and you have to soften it somehow.
The tough part is when you are using a speedlight, maybe at an event, and need light spreading .
The ceiling maybe too high to do you any good, and the walls may have a color that’ll bounce back into your shot.
There is a reason that these portable lights have built-in little white cards to help deflect the light and shape it to give it a softer overall effect. Those are pretty tiny.
You need more. And something adjustable to the situation.
Let’s be honest, and say David Honl came up with a great modular system with different size reflectors, all requiring a separate velcro band around the flash head.
Rogue FlashBenders have taken it a step further and truly made the whole deal a LOT simpler.
Sure, it wasn’t brain surgery before. It was a bit of a pain fitting the strap and the secondary reflector to the flash head.
One of the huge differences in the new system is that all 3 of the sizes of reflector have a built in tension aided controlled velcro strap.
No more fumbling with a 2 piece operation.

The second major addition is one, two or three built-in bendable tubes in each unit that allows you to bend AND hold a certain light shaper for your needs.

You can use them for bounce, a directional snoot, a wide reflector, shift the light just where you want it.

They fold flat, install solidly in seconds, and get the job done.

We used them on a Nikon SB900, and the fit was awesome. Of course they’ll fit just about any shoe mount speedlight out there.
Now of course we do use the Gary Fong Lightsphere, but that is a different kind of light shaper.
These lie flat and slip into your bag easily.
As a matter of fact, as we are readying a review on a couple of lens drop bags (our favorite type for event shooting) and each one we’re looking at has a great pocket that these fit in, largest to smallest.

Well made, the white reflector can be wiped clean, and there are high end velcro fasteners, in key position on the edges of the reflector

The velcro strap is so strong, that once we had it on the head, you could hold the set-up from the reflector, and it was tight!
Not saying you should, but we did, just to see, and it stuck like glue.
Here it is with the Nikon SB-900 securely held with the velcro collar:

And this is what the built in velcro system looks like in place.

About $100 for the full set, or go here to and find the size you prefer.

These are going right in the bag, and we’ll keep you updated as they get used more and more.
The rugged quality of the build seems great.

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