April 28th. 2006

We have now added some “Starter” Gallery categories. Each one, ” Natural Growth”, “Music”,
” Kids”, and “On The Set” , has an initial image, but everyone is encouraged to submit images for these galleries.
When you submit, add the Gallery you want to submit to in your “image name” line.
Of course, you can still have your own Gallery on this site, with your name and web address.

If you have an idea for a Gallery subject you would like to see, let us know.

And Saturday morning 4/29, we will send another email update to those who have signed up on our mailing list (submission box to your left on this page) for another FREE GIVEAWAY. As before, the first replies to the email will be sent the item.
This time we are giving something away that is very useful to your photographic interest.

And by Sunday night, we will post the next in the series of real world reviews on the Digital Darkroom.

Damon Webster

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