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Of course you could have guessed that this was coming:
We are big fans of the Joby Gorillapod lineup and have already been using the new video model for some experimental stuff. With a GOPRO HD, we’ve been doing a bunch of time lapse photography, while leaving our main cameras and tripods ready to shoot.
That’s just one way we’re using this, the Gorillapod Video Tripod

With just about every point and shoot camera having video capabilities, and your phones too, you may be seeing the shaky results of a light, handheld video camera.
With the addition of the adjustable head on this unit, you can be assured of a smooth panning shot, although make sure the legs have been secured properly. Plus it has magnetized tips on the legs of the tripod which will hold most point and shoots secure. Wouldn’t go G12 or anything, though. That’s pushing the weight limits too far.
The basic operation on these is to always get the tripod head or apex of the 3 legs, closest to the mounting area.

We have a video made with demos of some of their other products:

And if you are going to use a heavier camera, you can go up in their line, and the top unit has even secured an Panasonic HVX200 video camera to a 3rd story railing, and was totally tight.
They also make their own ballhead, and it is small and fluid, just like it should be. Locks tight easily, and basically the combo of the Gorillapod and a good head will get your camera lens pretty much anywhere you need to make the shot.
Tools for the toolbox.

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This one is already in our bag, and have found multi uses for most of their products. At a trade show lats year we saw some knockoffs so beware. It’s not that much dough; stick with the real deal.

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