Bits and Bobs: Some fast takes on the week in photography

Hmmmm… with so many things coming at us in the photo world, who has time to get a sense of it all?
Well, we’ll try to keep you as up to date as possible, with a solid sifting through the info being pumped out at us all.
Look, we also check site when we are looking for specific stuff, and hopefully formulate a consensus from a variety of sources.

So this will be the start of a “small bites of stuff” articles you’ll find here.
Whew, THAT was a long enough explanation!

This week in LA, the Fahey/Klein Gallery premiered an exhibit of Herb Ritts’ most classic photographs.
He left us way too soon, but this near homage to his work is outstanding. Of course there is a book that goes with the show and unless you have Mr. Ritt’s work in other collections, you’d be making a right purchase with this book, Herb Ritts: The Golden Hour: A Photographer’s Life and His World. Ok, we have to let you know that there is nudity in this book.
Incredibly, this opening night had a line-up to get into the gallery and it was cheek-to-jowl with fan and buyers.
We like where this is all headed.

Then on Friday night, the Annenberg Space for Photography had a gala for the opening of their latest exhibit: “Extreme Exposure celebrates five photographers who thrive in environments that few dare to explore braving dangerous conditions in order to capture rarely seen moments in the life of our planet.” Seriously, there are photographers represented here who hand out on lava and volcanoes, shoot 8×10 in the Everglades, and make nice with leopard seals. the one’s with the major teeth.
And they have been doing a great job of getting videos of lectures up pretty darn fast on the site, so we can enjoy it anywhere in the world. Full list of speakers on the site.
We were lucky enough to get some video interviews with one of the photographers and the guest curator for the exhibit and those will post soon. Some aural “what’s in the bag” too!
Good to meet new photo folks at these events too. Hi ST and E! If you see us at one of these things c’mon up and say hello, don’t be shy.
FB and every other mode of communication are awesome, but a face to face can’t be beat.
The bearded photographer above is Clyde Butcher, who loves to shoot the Everglades with an 8×10, in B&W. Wait till you hear how he does it!

Alec Soth has a new book out, From Here to There: Alec Soth’s America
and whether you are a fan or not (we are) you have to check it out for the very pop-y design and new presentation style in the usually staid fine art world. Plus he adds another book inside, slipped into a short pocket on the back.
In recent years, he has been exploring a lot of very accessible photo projects in newspaper form or small soft cover editions.
Collect it or study it, but check it out.

In Gear Monky land, we have gotten our hands on the new Thinktank Photo Urban Disguise 50 Shoulder Bag, which is one killer camera bag for our purposes. (note that little disclaimer? your needs may and will vary)
For it’s part camera bag, part video/audio bag, and all business.
Plus stealth, to boot.
There will be a full up review of this but here’ is what we are now carrying it it: D700 with 28-70 2.8 with hood on
SB900, Video camera, mics and transmitters, headsets, iPad with stand and bluetooth keyboard, Litepanels micro, Gorrillapod, extra batteries, Pixel envy card wallet, business cards, etc.
It;s got a nice wide padded strap, so far we are in love.
Of, did we tell you that it has a special velcro panel that allows you to top off your Airport International or any rolling bag, by sliding the panel over the handles?

Yeah, this is a good one that will get a full review but so far it has what it takes.

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