Sony’s gone mirrorless and 3D in these new rigs

The photo world seems to be going to this mid-size, interchangeable lens, compact camera category with each manufacturer having their own take on it.
Sony has the NEX3 and the NEX5 which use a mirrorless system, that should cut some of the shutter lag inherent in these units.
With an articulating LCD screen, for helping you get those “Hail Mary” overhead of the crowd shots and various angles of video shooting (full HD), they have a pretty powerful camera here that also keeps the sweep panorama feature introduced last year.
Their new point and shoot, the DSC-WX5 also incorporates the “sweep panorama” where you can stitch together multiple images in camera for a single image, and 3D capabilities.
Yep, with the current buzz word of 3D on everyone’s lips, Sony has not lagged behind, although you will need a 3D TV to see the images created by both of these still cameras. Check out the way it accomplishes this, and the simulated 3d review mode on the LCD
It’s all here in this vid:

Please note that we have not had the pleasure of reviewing these cameras yet, so no opinions are posted here.
It does look pretty hot though.

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