Weekly Giveaway : Say “Cheese” 4 x fast – American Photobooth

Most of us have climbed into one of these tiny booths, closed the curtain and for 4 timed exposures, made a series of faces that would last forever.
On the pier, at a fair, in a mall, and now on your iPhone, we have been taking these simple, fun shots in the privacy of the tightest photo studio you’ll ever get into.
In one of the more formal categories of vernacular photography (if you can call it such) there is an implied sharing of a photo taking experience, with the anonymous, mechanical photographer behind the 2 way glass.
With 4 images that came out slightly damp from the minimal cage on the side of the booth, the question always was “who would get which images?”
They were made to share.
In the midst of a moment, or a last 2D recollection of an experience, these tiny photos have been part of our visual language for decades.

As we maneuver into the holiday season, this book American Photobooth can become a touchpoint for your own experiences, a source for imagined stories of the people included, and honestly, a perfect gift.
We have in the past given this book, along with a personal scanned photobooth image of the recipient, as a holiday or birthday present.

What you also get in this book is a history of the photobooths origins……

“It all began with the 1894 invention of a Parisian vending machine. Once the concept of the coin-operated vending machine was embraced by an evolving popular culture, these booths became a favorite pastime, “the ultimate pedestrian art”. Over the years the concept developed, along with techniques to streamline the process, photo strips available to customers for twenty-five cents. A number of entrepreneurs contributed to this emerging art form that could be found in storefronts, department stores and virtually any place one of these booths would fit. The technology progressed with the times, from a “plumbless” machine that no longer required a water supply to various chemical paper treatments that allowed quick-drying, cost-efficient results. “

….and a collection of images that you, no doubt, could add to yourself.

Look at this as a cultural history, and perhaps a personal history that you can contribute to.

How can you get a copy of this book for free? Just make sure you are signed up for the Newsletter, which will come into your email box on Weds. morn, each week. We have an easy contest, you have till Friday to enter, and the winner is chose by random.org.
Simple details are included in the email for the current giveaway, and we never, ever, charge, ANYTHING, for the items.
Lot’s of cool stuff coming up for the holidays.
What’s on your gift list?

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