Hold Steady and Light Me Up : Some cool products from Gorillapod

You know we love this company, Joby Gorillapod, for the line up of adjustable tripods. these things are always in our kit bag, help put cameras and lights exactly where there are meant to be positioned.
Well, they have a new line-up of tools that every photographer can use: LED flashlights.
Not only have they incorporated the best of the tripods, but also designed a light that can help you find that lost item in your camera bag, or truck of your car. The switchback doubles as a small room light or a headlamp, and honestly, using AA batteries is a huge deal for us. This flashlight was also featured on the “Ellen ” show recently, for whatever that may mean to you.
At the lowest setting, 2 batts will last 72 hours
Yes, we use rechargeables, and being able to pop a couple in for extended usage, still is the best for us, especially on location.
Take a look, plus check out the Gorillapod Video in action:

You can find the products right here, or at your favorite camera or even outdoor gear store

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