I Love Paris in…the cold of November??

When the biggest gathering of the best photography dealers in the world happens in November in Paris, we’ll be there to report on all of the goings on. And honestly,anytime is a great time in Paris,right?[photopress:logo_1.gif,full,alignright]
From Magnum Photos events, to special competitions, you’ll get all of the news.
And if your are planning on going, maybe you’d want to join us on the reporting circuit.

From November 15 – 18 at the Carrousel du Louvre
PARIS PHOTO 2007 promises to be bigger and better. This unique event offers an in-depth and broad view of the medium, with the best fine art photography from the earliest days to the present times. Just click the logo the logo to get a taste.
And this year,Italy is the guest of Honor.

With photographers such as Carlo Mollino featured,

Casa Miller 1937
courtesy Museo Casa Mollino – Torino.

courtesy Museo Casa Mollino – Torino.

whose book has just been re-printed. (major deal ) Message From The Darkroom

[photopress:Mollino__s_book.jpg,full,centered] courtesy Museo Casa Mollino – Torino.

And whom you ask, is Carlo Mollino?

Exactly! This is one of the joys of Paris-Photo. Amazing artists get exposed to the world on a grand scale. One of the most versatile and eclectic architects of 20th Century: designer, a photographer, a writer, a ski instructor, pilot and designer of cars and airplanes.

Oh you’ll be googling him. Trust me.

courtesy Museo Casa Mollino – Torino.

Small piece on Mr. Mr. Mollino’s exhibition at Paris-Photo:

Starting off from one of his first emblematic pictures, published on the cover of Domus magazine in 1937, the exhibition will make its way through a number of surrealistic and fairytale-like works, interior photos and black and white female portraits, captured in between the 30s and 40s in a very special location: Casa Miller, a private apartment Mollino purposely conceived as the setting for his photographs.

In the 40s, Mollino’s passion for skiing lead him to spend many winter months taking photographs in the Alps. One of his favourite subjects was Leo Gasperl, the elegant Austrian skiing champion. Mollino’s ski pictures were exhibited in photo contests and many of them ended up in his book on ski techniques published in 1950.

After the Second World War, Mollino focused his Leica exclusively on nude female portraits, capturing his models in an interior setting designed by him in “Villa Scalero”. All portraits were printed in the standard 10×15 format and often touched up in a masterly way with a pencil or colours, in confirmation of Mollino’s theory that it is legitimate to meddle with pictures in any way since “pure” photography does not exist.

As of 1963, Mollino made an exclusive use of Polaroid cameras with which he portrayed countless models in “Villa Zaira” – another interior setting purposely conceived by him. Obviously, all portraits are unique and share the same format, utter tiles of a mosaic of his personal icon of femininity. A refined crude and psychological nature began to emerge from his photographs providing them with an extremely modern touch that makes them still current today. ”

We’ll keep letting you know about all of the goodness here. If you live in Paris , make sure you take some time off of work this week.
And everyone else can start thinking of the many reasons to book a trip now.


Damon Webster

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