Not a walk in the park at Yossi Milo Gallery

OK, we’ve been traveling around the city of New York and seeing some of the new exhibits meant to tweak your fancy, so to speak.
After digging on the excellent show at Aperture, a quick walk around the corner,brought us to one of our favorite galleries, Yossi Milo. Famed for introducing Loretta Lux to these shores, the shows here always have a particular point of view that seems to be on the cusp of the next thing, whether a group show or a one person exhibit.

Photographs by Kohei Yoshiyuki from his series The Park
September 6, 2007–October 20, 2007 presents us with a look at a part of Japanese culture you may not be familiar with. Using a 35mm, and infrared film, in the 70’s,he captures the couplings at a famous park where people, both homosexual and heterosexual, are caught in their trysts.
But you know, caught is not quite a right word. There are there in the midst of the acts. And there are small groups also watching, in a very clandestine manner.[photopress:ky_13_small.jpg,full,centered]

Disturbing in the sense of extreme voyeurism, with secret love, or more appropriately sex, caught with the techniques available at the time. The deepest pit reached here though, are the people watching the acts at night in the park.

Oh wait. You can join in also by watching the voyeurs, watching the secret sex. At night. In a park.

Controversial to say the least, this show has been getting it’s share of press. As a matter of fact, while stepping out of the gallery, there was a class of adults apparently doing a walking tour. The leader was disclaiming what they were about to see. Is there a bigger titillation factor, than telling someone that they may be shocked? Seeing art ? I don’t think so. A few of the folks tried to meet my eyes to maybe gauge a reaction to what they were about to see.
Well, trust me, i made sure that my eyes did not belie my sentiments. We’re adults. Make up your own mind.
Not seen for almost 30 years after the scandal of the first exhibition, this is sure to be the talk of the town.

And you can order the book too, if you can’t / won’t make it to the gallery.

Now, I love this gallery and the images it brings to the world. If you are not challenged by the art sometimes, you will live a very boring life.

I’ll go back. Just not for this show.

Yossi Milo
525 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001
tel: 212-414-0370


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