The Annenberg and ILCP come together, right now, over you. And the earth.

You know we are huge fans of the Annenberg Space for Photography, and it’s with good reason:
Dedicated to the photographic exploration of the human condition, this architectural gem in the city of angels, continues to illustrate their mission, not just with exhibits and a lecture series, but on-line content that everyone worldwide can enjoy.
Not content to reflect one vision, they periodically bring in guest curators , that have an affinity to the subject matter of the exhibit at hand.
Cristina Mittenmeier is the President of ILCP, the International League of Conservation Photographers, and has curated the current exhibit.

Now, when i was a kid,and International League referred to costumed super heroes who fought for truth, justice and all things good.
Well, these folks don’t wear costumes, although some of the locations they photograph in do require some extreme protections.
Have a listen to this woman who, while also a photographer, is president of this organization, with a passion for biodiversity.

And we strongly recommend you visit the Annenberg Space for Photography website for more.

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