Is bigger REALLY better?

And so the debate progresses as the Clash of the Titans continues.

Canon introduces the new EOS 1Ds Mark III ( available Nov. for about $8,000. USD) with 21 megapixels. Continuing their Live View features, Canon has improved the sensor once again.

So is size that important to you? Or is it the quality of the sensor? I know, I know, both. Right now, you may have to choose your tools. Of course the amount of glass you own will make that choice, right? But if it’s your business, the choices become simple.

Think about how you shoot, and what you truly need. How large do your files need to be, how big are the prints you make? What kind of light do you shoot in? Strobe or available?

Here is a walk through of the new Canon:

Sure, we’re going to present the Nikon walk through on their D3, plus the next step down in both of their lines. Some key features cost the dough, but once again, what do you REALLY need?

Videos every day this week. And of course they will be living on the VIDEO page as well.

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