OK, a little dramatic ( did you add some echo with the title?) . But the continuing back and forth between Nikon and Canon in the race for the best, means that we are all the beneficiaries of higher quality tools.
Here is a closer look at NIkon’s D3:

You can read a hands-on review we did here.

Small item- we have joined Facebook as of today with the group Photoinduced. Come and hang with us there and get to know each other a little better. If you haven’t checked out Facebook yet, this may be the time.
Heck, it’s becoming the biggest social networking site. Companies from P&G.Microsoft, and organizations like TED, Breast Cancer Research, and others are all a part of it.
Look forward to seeing you there.


( by the way…for those that receive the NEWSLETTER, spell check is definitely on my gift list)

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