Wow, That Place Looks Great..Now, How Do I Get There Again?

A few weeks ago, we wrote about geotagging.

Well, we haven’t stopped the research. As a matter of fact, we obtained 2 different units for testing. What they do is add GPS data to the digital file of your photographs.
You do need software that can read that, but Adobe Lightroom is our software of choice and works like a charm. ( By the way, used Lightroom while on the road, took a G-Tech 250 gb mini drive,and for weeks, loaded up the external drive with photos,video, and docs.Sweet set-up) At the end of this article are samples of the screen shots using this data.
So…what can you do with it?

In last weeks NEWSLETTER, we talked about an incredible exhibit of Martine Barrat at the Maison Photographies De La Photographie. Plus Larry Clark, plus Book of Nudes. Incredible shows, and I know if you are in Paris, you’ll be sure to check it out.
© Martine Barrat

But where the heck is it?

right here.(click on the image for more)


You see, as we walked the streets of Paris, our GPS enabled NikonD200 was filing our journey for future reference. Just one of the cool uses of geotagging. Enhance your travel and shared experience.
And according to this article in CNET, looks like GPS will be coming to most digital cameras. In a year probably.

Until then,lets look at the 2 units tested.The GeoPic II and The N2-Di GPS .

Both have a similar connection to the camera; smaller than a matchbox, slips into the hotshoe or clips on your camera strap, and then connects into the 10 pin connector onto the front of the camera.
The two units do the same things, but honestly the GeoPic II is clearly, the better product.
The N2 Di-GPS, burns through batteries LIKE CRAZY!. and while walking around town, a couple of extra batteries were necessities.It’s on or off. That’s it. Takes awhile to get the coordinates from the satellites, then you can shoot away.They say that now with the new D300 and D3 the battery drain issue has been solved. Accuracy on position is about 5-10 meters, same as one the GeoPic II.

However,the GeoPic II has a much better overall system. There are a series of button pressings that will put the unit into full up, low power usage, beep when ready,or, here is something different: you can get the coordinates outside of a building, freeze that reading, then shoot away inside and all of your files will be properly tagged. These options, other than giving you better choices, saves your battery life. By a lot.

Now, that may seem like a simple difference, but let me tell you: the options and power usage make this the unit of choice.

They are not cheap. But being an early adopter never was.

Approx. 200 pounds for the GeoPic II and $235 USD for the N2 Di-GPS. (plus shipping)
The folks at GeoPic II have offered our readers a 10 pound discount if you add the word “Photoinduced” to your order.

And right now they are only available for Nikon and Fuji models. Check the sites for specifics.

Some sample screen shots as seen on Lightroom:


Detail of GPS data

once you access the map, you can run all over the pace for info.

And another view of the map.

Oh, it will keep getting better.There are more precise units out there but the expense is more that most of us want to pay. In a year, we’ll probably have geotagging in most of the new consumer cameras.

Just in time for the next holiday season.

Damon Webster

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